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The creation of a unique historic site centered around the 1719 main house, includes: restoration of the house and adjoining kitchen, the 18th century stables and water windmill, the creation of a Museum on the upper floor of the house,the construction of a Visitor Admission Center with screening room and  introductory video, administrative and storage buildings, and extensive period landscaping. 

With a budget of $3.5 million U.S., fundraising has been a priority since 1999.  We appreciate the support of our many donors and ask you to read on to find out how you can assist in this unique American-Caribbean project. The project was launched in the United States in September 2000 at Washington’s historic Mount Vernon home in Virginia, at an elegant luncheon hosted by the Coca Cola Company.

We have been working closely with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation of Virginia and the University of Florida’s “Preservation Institute: Caribbean”, Consultants to the project. United States Senator Bob Graham, of Florida is the Honorary Chairman of the US Fundraising Committee, of which Mrs. Valerie Crotty, wife of a former U.S. Ambassador to Barbados, is the key member.

Left to Right: U.S. Patron   Mrs. Valerie Crotty, Project Director  Penelope Hynam and, far right, Barbados National Trust President  John Cole visit with Director James Rees at Mount Vernon.

We are proud to be partnered with the U.S. National Trust for Historic Preservation, based in Washington, D.C., which has agreed to lend its support for the restoration of the site, the only project outside of the U.S. that they so recognize.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Barbados, Jeannette Hyde Presents cheque to Project Director Penny Hynam.

Archealogical Team Leader Anna Agbe-Davies -
Archealogical Team Leader, Anna Agbe-Davies, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Categories of sponsorship (U.S.D):

$20,000 and up          The Executive
$10,000- $19,000         The Cabinet
$5,000 -  $9,999               Senator
$1,001  -  $4,999               Patriot
$1,000           Ambassadors Circle**
$999 and under                  Friends

*for Ambassadors only

A few of our major corporate and other sponsors to date:

American Airlines (USA) Ltd.
The Coca Cola Company ( USA) Ltd.
The Lewis Foundation
British West Indies Airways (BWIA)

US National Trust for Historic Preservation
Barbados Shipping and Trading Co. Ltd
Florida Association of Vountary
Agencies for Caribbean Action (FAVA/CA)

We hope you would consider becoming one of our sponsors.
Any donation is welcome.

Donations to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington,
D.C., a tax exempt charitable institution,
are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted under U.S. law.
Please indicate that your interest is in the George Washington House, Barbados.

For further information contact
George Washington House
Bush Hill, the Garrison,
St. Michael

Tel:  (246) 228-5461
Fax:  (246) 228-4772
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