January 13, 2007

Walter Kerr Cooper's impression of Washington in Barbados
Artist Walter Kerr Cooper's impression of Washington in Barbados

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George Washington House, located in Barbados, 
West Indies

The young George Washington and his ailing brother Lawrence resided in this historic plantation house, also known as Bush Hill House, for two months in 1751.  Barbados was the only country ever visited by the future  “First Father” of his country and Bush Hill House the only house he ever lived in outside of the continental United States.   The visit is a little known but very important chapter in the life of the then unknown 19 year old  man, who would go on to become, as later described by Light-Horse Harry Lee, “first in war, first in peace, first in hearts of his countrymen”.

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   "Restored House 2006"  

The Bush Hill Tourism Trust Inc., in collaboration with the Barbados National Trust, has restored the house and outlying buildings, creating a heritage site on the historic Garrison that celebrates the visit and the role that Barbados played in the settlement of America. Why did George and Lawrence come to the island?   Is there a connection between Barbados, George’s visit here and the American Revolution? SEE “Historical Facts”

OFFICIALLY OPENED - January 13, 2007

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